Color Option: White Frame

Color Option: White Frame

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Dolphin Pro2 T top is the best design in after sales market with the feature of customized looking and very easy installation. Will fit consoles up to 48 inches wide. Quick release for storage. 2in aluminum white coated frame. Unique design of removable cover. 83 Inches high, 82inch L x 61 inch wide cover.

The special product cannot be purchased separately.


Dolphin Pro 2 T top is designed for the mid to large size centre console fishing boat. Will fit consoles up to 48 inches wide.With a great blend of curves and weight this T Top will blend with any boat on the market.
Dolphin T Top is built with strong aluminum tube, the canopy is made from VIII grade UV resist Acrylic. Our unique design of the canopy with zipper make the installation very easy and customer looking, there is no time wasted with annoying bungee cord, weaving in out of holes.


Center Console Alloy or fibreglass 18ft to 25ft
Attaches direct to your floor.
4 x standoffs lock into console.
Removable cover,zipper and velcro.
2 inch heavy duty frame
Large grab handle
Quick release for storage.


83 inches high
Up to 48 inch wide consoles (If you have a wider console, please order Pro3+ )
82 inches long x 61 inches wide Cover
28 inches front to rear feet center to center.

Lowering the T Top

Front leg loosen the middle bolt.
Remove the top and bottom bolt from the joint
Remove the bolt from the rear leg.
Pivot the T Top forwards.
If needed you can remove bolt from top frame joint
See picture in gallery


2 inch heavy duty black coated 6063 alloy frame.
CNC Machined 6061 Alloy anodized fitting.
Marine grade VIII, UV resist cover.


White coated